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Which is the best country to study abroad?

This is the question that tends to vary from student to student. It all depends on the choice of the country you want to study. It further depends on which course you are looking up for. It solely depends on whether you are looking for PR Options or you have a different perspective considering your future.Some countries are the most favorite around the globe, namely Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and New Zealand.

What courses are best suited for my future?

Well, this is the most crucial and prime question a student would typically ask their counselors on the very first counseling. Students should be aware of the courses and interest of studies in which he/she tends to study. The choice, of course, is all student has for his entire life. It is their only responsibility for the direction they are going to study and excel in.

Should I opt for a Non Relevant Course?

The majority of today’s student population feels like opting for the most straightforward course ever. They think poorly for academics. They only have one thought in mind, and their mindset is all about getting the easiest path and living in the comfort zone when it comes to studying. No student ever thinks that if he/she opts for the course, which is worth the effort, to which they will be getting the best job in the society.

Do we have jobs for Arts/Commerce/Science students abroad?

Yes, if you had completed your higher secondary and are from any background, you can still get a job. Everyone professionally either worked as skilled labor or non-skilled one, but they are employed. For Example: If the student had completed with 12th grade with no main subject in his Arts Stream, they have some excellent options to opt for, like:

  • Hotel Management
  • Journalist
  • Travel Guide
  • Front End Executive
  • Administrative/ Receptionist
What to opt for; University or College?

Every country has its criteria for the Education System. If we talk regarding Australia, there are good universities all around which fetch you excellent knowledge and a good salary package after you complete your degree. Earlier, institutes tend to get visas on D2d (diploma to a degree), but as rules keep on changing, it may vary accordingly. So opting for University is also a good option for Australia.
If we dealt with Canada, students are going to study; they would tend to get admission either in college or in University. They have options either.

What is the cost which has to be incurred in the first year?

There are colleges/Universities and other educational institutes that tend to have tuition fees, which differs accordingly. It may vary from place to place or from ranking to ranking.
Therefore, if you are planning to choose a college with lower (even lowest) tuition fees, you still have an option to study abroad.

What the Tuition Fees and other Expenses for one good year if the student wants to study after higher secondary?

On a medium scale, it is up to ten hundred thousand, but it may change according to the choice of the college/university you tend to study into.
There are universities in Australia, namely like UNSW, University of Technology, Monash University, TAFE International, etc., where they charge higher above average.
There are universities in Canada that tend to be much pricy such as the University of B.C, Guelph University, University of Alberta and University of Toronto, etc. These universities charge on a higher note, but the quality of education inclines to be finest too.

Which country is better, Canada or Australia?

For students with such questions, things will be complicated if in case they haven’t done their homework beforehand. They have to look into the states (provinces) places, Environment conditions, Job Placement options, Accommodation Facilities, future perspective, and every single information, so that it won’t be an obstacle for the student when they travel. With all this prior hand information, students would have their vision clear and robust.

Eight Basic Questions before we start with student visa counseling:

What is Study Visa Abroad?

This is the best question that has different viewpoints and different mindsets. As per the laymen approach, It has the following meaning:

  • I am getting Best Knowledge and best course, so to settle with a healthful lifestyle.
  • Getting Permanent Residency irrespective of studying.
  • Staying with relatives and studying in the college so that they won’t feel insecure and homesick.
  • To pursue careers in prospective fields, achieving their dreams and getting a higher standard of living.

While some of the students get the right counseling, the right course and correct vision, but still some students tend to go abroad by any illegal means, which leads some mischievous people to play foul on such students.

What are the best courses available for Science students in Canada?

There are limited options for the students who are looking for their higher students in a particular place in Canada.
For, E.g., we have been dealing with the students who tend to move to a particular place irrespective of the course they are looking into. They are ready to settle with the course, which has less compatibility as compared to the caliber of the student.

Should we send our children to our relatives or where you suggest?

Looking as per the standpoint of the business, there are some of the business hubs who, on the very first, ask your preference knowingly that students tend to go to the place where his/her relatives are already present.
Parents in Punjab tends to send their child to the place where they already have their relatives.
We as “Counselors” of such students tend to send good students to the colleges/Universities where they deserve to be. Still, when it comes to preferences, we have to framework our counseling and have to provide colleges/universities which sometimes are not to be useful for the students.
Note: Students have to be classy and smart when it comes to selecting the Universities/colleges. They have to choose the right institutions which will decide their future upbringings.

Where can he/she get PR quickly?

This is the crucial question that is getting into limelight these days. Parents of the students come up with different issues and doubts while taking the decision. From a broader point of view, that if the student is looking for an option where the census of population is less and where the job opportunities tend to persuade. In that case, the student might find a problem at the beginning, but he/she will get the PR sooner than the students going to the places which are already Jam-packed.
In the places where the population scale is on the higher side, such sites provide more jobs, which can be seen for a shorter goal, but such situations will be time-consuming, and waiting time to get PR in such areas will be more than other places with higher competition in place.

Will he be getting a job at the place where you are sending him?

Developed countries work on the propaganda of Higher Income, Less Population, and Proper Dispersion of Income within the population.
They tend to disperse everything equally. Further, still due to the maximum demand, people tend to go for a place which has already been known by their relatives. Let us consider Australia and Canada. For Australia student tends to go places like Melbourne, Perth, Sydney to the significant cities whereas in Canada students would like to allocate towards Vancouver, Toronto, and Brampton.
Some places are not densely populated due to which the high officials of that particular country offers you some additional benefits of settling there. In such cases, in such cases, Yes. Finding a job at the beginning of your arrival is severe, but in long term scenario, things will be different, and your child will be far above then students opting for the places which are populated.

Do you arrange a job for our students?

No. We are only your guide starting from counseling, providing you the suggestion of the right course and after visa service such as telling you what to do and what no to. Furthermore, we even get you to the educational institute and get your accommodation other pre-landing services, which will be ready to go before you arrive in Canada
At last, we are not your recruitment agency. We are solely your Immigration Consultant.

What are the working rights of students in Canada?

Students can work for twenty hours per week legally. For students who tend to work more than the stipulated time has to face deportation. There have been examples in the past. As per the recent records, Jobanpreet Singh from Punjab has been caught working extra hours while he was there as a student. He was later deported.

What are the possibilities and future exposure after studies?

In the country of opportunities, i.e., Canada’s future is indeed infinite. There are the biggest examples of such people from India, specifically from Punjab.
1. Harjit Singh Sajjan, Canada’s First Sikh Minister of Defense.
2. Jagmeet Singh, Political Leader
3. Ruby Dhalla, First Women in Politics

If you aim for a bright future, your investment starts today.

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